How To Weed Eat – Become Your Own Expert Grass Cutter

Depending on where you are located in the world weed eating may not even be an option for you.

Well, I grew up in the deep south and cutting grass was a way of life.

I feel that I have some exclusive information I could give those who are looking to learn how to weed eat and ultimately become the optimal yard monitor.


How To Weed Eat

First, before you just go out and buy a weed eater there are a few things you need to know.


What Safety Equipment Will You Need For Weed Eating

What Safety Equipment Will You Need For Weed Eating
What Safety Equipment Will You Need For Weed Eating

This really depends on the person and their experience with weed eating.

But to make sure I cover this for all I’m going to get into some specifics.

A weed eater is exactly what it sounds like and that’s what it does at a very rapid speed. Slinging grass all over the place.

While all of this is going on there is going to be all kinds of debris floating around in the air. Rather it’s coming from the grass itself or something else you’ve cut up in the grass.

This can potentially cause issues to an individual more so someone with a breathing condition or allergies.

A quick fix for this would to be to get you a mask. Not any old mask though something fit for the kind of work you are doing.

Ok, remember when I said that grass is being slung everywhere? Well, that is still the case and unless you want a head, face, arms, etc full of grass. This may be worse in some situations than others depending on how much grass is actually being cut.

Wearing a gras cutting/oudoors hat, long sleeves and pants should fix any of these issues.


Next is the most important one in my opinion. That grass isn’t coming off that weed eater at a slow speed and if it hits you the right way in the eye it could be very bad.

Goggles get a pair and wear them faithfully when weed eating.


I had an incident when I was 15 and it involved me cutting grass with a weed eater without using goggles. We were trying to get this little league football field squared away before the other kids came to play. That field had small rocks and dirt in it. I’m sure getting tackled on it wasn’t too much fun either. But back to the moral of the story. Let’s just say I almost lost my eye and ever since that day I’ve preached to everyone that cuts with a weed eater “Wear Your Goggles”.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.


What Type Of Gas Does A Weed Eater Use

What Type Of Gas Does A Weed Eater Use
What Type Of Gas Does A Weed Eater Use

Go to the gas station just like you would and get regular gas (Normally 87). Don’t use E85 or Diesel It doesn’t just stop there though. You will next need to go buy a bottle of oil/gas mixture.

The mixture ratio for all weed eaters is 40:1

Mix 3.2 oz of two cycle air cooled engine oil with one gallon of gas.


How To Start A Weed Eater

How To Start A Weed Eater
How To Start A Weed Eater

This is a process that gets a lot of people. But it’s really simple and becomes second nature after awhile. I think the step by step approach is what confuses people.

  • First get your weed eater lay it flat on the ground, truck, trailer whatever the case may be.


  • Move the choke lever to the full position


  • Hold or lock the throttle in the on position


  • If your weed eater has an on/off button move it to on. On a weed eater on looks like this “l” if you have yours set on “O” it’s most likely off.


  • Now it’s time to prime your weed eater. All you need to do is press the bulb 4-5 times until it’s half full.


  • Pull the rope until you hear your weed eater try to start. You shouldn’t have to pull any more than 6 times.


  • Next, you need to set the choke lever at the half position and resume pulling the starter rope. If followed correctly your weed eater should start within 2-6 pulls. If not move the choke to full position and pull the rope 2 more times. After that return, the lever to half choke and pull 3 more times.

Your weed eater should be up and running now.


When Is The Best Time To Weed Eat

When Is The Best Time To Weed Eat
When Is The Best Time To Weed Eat


Coming up we use to always try and get our yard work done in the morning. Just to have it over with.

But there are some downsides to weed eating early in the morning. Like the following

  • Wet Grass
  • Cold
  • Might Disturb Neighbors

Other than these there though I don’t really see anything else that can pose you an issue.

Weed eating in the afternoon is the route chosen by many and that’s a fine option as well.

Never weed eat at night or with dark shades on. You need to be able to see what you are doing at all times when dealing with such powerful equipment.


How To Put In Weed Eater String/Trimmer

These are two short and easy videos that you can use to string your weed eater the correct way.

Here are a few of my suggested weed eating strings and trimmers.


How To Unjam Your Weed Eater

How To Unjam Your Weed Eater
How To Unjam Your Weed Eater

This happens occasionally and more so when dealing with larger portions of grass.

But yes your weed eater can become jammed and will not spin correctly or at all until this issue is resolved.

It’s a quick fix all you have to do is turn the weed eater off and reach under the flap and remove the clogged grass.

If you have a weed eater that doesn’t have a flap attached to it then yours will probably never face this issue.


How To Weed Eat Small Yards

How To Weed Eat Small Yards
How To Weed Eat Small Yards

Now, this is very important especially if you are doing yard work for someone or even in your own yard.

Your skill will be put to the test with this one.

All you need to do is hold the weed eater at a steady level and make sure you cut the grass evenly.

If you dip to low on a spot go back over the entire area and make it even as long as it looks presentable.

Small yards arent hard to weed eat and they don’t really take long to complete.


How Do You Know If You’re Weed Eating Wrong

How Do You Know If You're Weed Eating Wrong
How Do You Know If You’re Weed Eating Wrong
  • If you are surrounded by a cloud of dirt and dust. You are probably weed eating everything but grass.
  • If you have spots or patches in the yard/bank. You are weed eating wrong.
  • If the owner of the yard or person is standing outside looking at you with their arms folded or with concern. You’re probably doing it wrong.

These three things are tall tale signs that your weed eating duties arent being used to their full potential.


Weed Eater Brands You Might Want To Get Your Hands On

Weed eaters aren’t a one way set up kind of thing. There are a plethora of brands and they all are equine in their own way making it possible for every type of yard worker to have just the right one for them.




That should cover all questions or concerns you had about weed eating. Take what you’ve read here and apply it in real life and you’ll become the grass slaying hero you were chosen to be.

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or concerns I will respond in a timely fashion.

Thanks for reading!

If you are looking to learn new skills check out the rest of my site.

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