How To Use Google Search Engine – All You Need To Know

You’ve heard of it. No matter your age, gender, location or religion.

At some point in your life, you’ve heard/seen/used the #1 search engine in the world that is Google as of right now. They aren’t the only search engine in the world. But they are by far the best in the game.

I have some things I want to go over today to ensure you are getting the best user experience when using their search engine. I’ll also give you insight on how to use it better.


How To Use Google Search Engine

How To Use Google Search Engine
Typing In A Search On Google


You type in a word/words click search and that’s it basically.

I mean that would be the simplistic way to put it. But I know you want more than that and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Yes, you do type in your question or concern into Google’s search engine. But it just doesn’t stop there.

If you haven’t noticed by now Google has a list of tabs that appear under your search bar once you search for something on their platform.

It looks like this.

Winter Coats - Google Search
Winter Coats – Google Search


As you can see in the image above I chose to use “Winter Coats” in the search bar for this example.

Under the search, you can see those tabs that I mentioned previously. It is set on all by default and each one can help you find exactly what you are looking for faster.

I’ll go over each in order.


The All Tab – Google Search Engine By Default

The All tab provides a mixture of all the other tabs combined.

So let’s say you searched for “How To Lose Belly Fat“.

Your tab by default is going to be set on all by Google.

If you do not change it and decide to scroll down the page it’s very likely for you to see a mixture of all the other tabs placed throughout the page.


The Shopping Tab – Google Serch Engine For Shoppers

The next tab is the Shopping tab. This tab will provide you a list of buyable products from various places in the world and online.

For example, let’s say you search for “NFL Fidget Spinners

NFL Fidget Spinners - Shopping Tab Google Search Engine
NFL Fidget Spinners – Shopping Tab Google Search Engine


Once you search for a product and click the Shopping tab. If it is something you can actually purchase. Then it will be displayed like this or similar on Google.

You can see the arrows on the right-hand side of the image are pointing towards different filters you can set within your Google shopping product’s page.


They are listed as the following


  • Show Only –  This will let you select which condition you want Google to show your product in. If you want it to show you new items only this is where you would adjust it. You would do the same for used items as well.


  • Price – This allows you to set what price range you want Google to show you for the product you searched for. If you know the price range fo your procdut. You can set it and Google will only bring back results for what you entered. This is very good for finding great deals on cell phones and other high-end electronic devices.


  • Category – This allows you to set which category you want Google to show you for the product you’re searching for. Great for clothing related searches and anything that has a large selection of products.


  • Type – This filter allows you to pick what types of products you want Google to show you. If you searched for something like a baseball bat you could use this filter to give you exact results of the type of baseball bat you’re looking for. Metal, Aluminum, Plastic etc.


  • Seller – If what you’re looking for is sold by multiple companies/stores. You can easily select the company/store you’d rather buy from.


All of these filters can make what you’re looking to buy much easier to accomplish in the way you desire it to be.


Image Tab – Google Images

The next tab is Google images. If you search for something like “What Are Bug Traps

Once you click the images tab Google will bring up a page loaded with images from various places all over the internet that match your search.

What are bug traps images - Google Search
What are bug traps images – Google Search


This page will have a ton of images for you to see. Depending on how broad your search is. Will play a factor in how many images you’ll get.


News Tab – Google News

If you are searching for anything news related or trending at the time you will see it here. Let’s say you searched for “Latest News

Google would show you the most popular or trending news in the world currently.

Latest News - Google Search
Latest News – Google Search


Currently, these are the hottest/latest things in the news world that Google is showing right now. This will change daily and depending on how major the news is will determine its longevity on this page. But since news is being spread out like water from a broken dam. News headlines don’t have a long page life on Google.


Maps – Google Knows The Earth

If your car GPS isn’t cutting it. Google can easily fix the issue. All you have to do is type in the name of the location you are wanting to go to. Hit search and once Google brings back your results. You then need to select the maps tab.

Let’s say you typed in “New York

New York Search - Google Maps
New York Search – Google Maps


After you selected the maps tab. This map will be displayed. From this point here you can do a number of things.


  • Directions – Based on your current location Google can provide you with directions to your search location. Making it a legitimate GPS option.


  • Save – This tab will allow you to save this search location if you ever wanted to use it again. You will have an easier way to access it.


  • Near By – Clicking this will show all the closet locations near you for whatever you searched for. So of course, it’ll only be one New York. So this doesn’t apply to something like a state or country. But more like a restaurant or store something that has many locations. It is very possible for you to be in any given location in the U.S. and be in driving distance to a few Mcdoanls, Banks and Walmarts.


  • Send To Phone – This allows you to send the location you just search and found to your mobile device. It’ll be in link form once it gets to your inbox on your phone. All you have to do from there is click anywhere on the map/link and it will direct you to Google maps. From there you will be able to see directions, arrival times and a lot of other very useful information.


  • Share – This allows you to send the location and information from your google search to another person. So if you look up a location to say a party and your friend can’t seem to find it. All you have to do is share this with them and it will provide your friend with all the details they need to get to the party location.


Another cool feature you can use in the maps tab is the satellite view. If you would look in the bottom left corner of the map image above. That dark square bo you see is the satellite view of the map image. WHich will show you actual sky view visuals of the place you are trying to get to.

To switch from the map view to image view all you will need to do is click the box and it will switch the satellite view.

One it has appeared. You can zoom in closer by using the scroll button on your mouse. If you are working on a mobile device. You would use two fingers to zoom in closer.

Depending on how far you zoom in will determine how detailed your visual is.

New York - Google Maps Sky View
New York – Google Maps Sky View


This isn’t zoomed all the way in. But as you can see by the image. You get a very good visual of the location you wish to visit.


More Tab – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The last tab is the more tab. From here Google will just provide you with a view more options to help you with your search.

Let’s say you search for “Fantasy Sports

Once you search for this the results will be pulled up and once you click the more tab this is what you will see.


Fantasy Sports - Google Search More Tab
Fantasy Sports – Google Search More Tab


From here you can click the one that will help you best.


Google Search Settings – Did You Know This

The Google search setting tab is very effective and can make your searching experience much better on the platform.

You can do a plethora of things once you click this tab. I will go over each.

Funny Videos - Google Search - Settings Tab
Funny Videos – Google Search – Settings Tab


Search Settings – To me the most effective one of them all. This is the main headquarters of the entire search engine preferences on Google. You can get to multiple areas within the settings tab from here instead of backing out and doing the process all over again.

Search Settings - Backend
Search Settings – Backend


You can go through and tweak this as much as you like.


Languages – If you don’t speak English. Google has a solution for you.

Search Settings - Languages
Search Settings – Languages


As you can see they have a wide verity of languages you can place on your Google search.

All you need to do is select your preferred language and click save.

Your Google search will then be converted to your desired language.


Safe Search – This option allows you to ensure that you will only see work/children friendly search results on Google.

As you know the internet is very helpful and provides high-quality services for multiple things. But it also has very gory, nasty and explicit things on it. Most of which the average person doesn’t want to see.

So selecting this tab will guarantee that you will only see things that are appropriate.

Search Settings - Safe Search
Search Settings – Safe Search


If you allow your child or someone you don’t wish to see expect things on your computer or mobile device. You can lock the safe search. This will make it almost impossible for your child to see adult content on your computer or mobile device.

Now note that Google says that safe search isn’t 100%accurate. But I’ve been using it for a while now and it has yet to let me down. So it’s very reliable to me.


Show All Results – Selecting this will show all results for whatever you search for. It is basically the All tab. It’ll show all results meaning articles, shopping, images, maps, news etc.


Advanced Search – This is how you can get very specific results from Google’s search engine.


From here you can do the follwoing

Google Advanced Search - Goo Gone
Google Advanced Search – Goo Gone


You can narrow your search down and be very precise with what you want Google to show you. Be sure to visit the advanced search tab and mess around with a few things. You may grow to love it.


History –  This will show your search history while using Google.

Google - My Activity - Search History
Google – My Activity – Search History


From this page, you can do a number of things. All of which you can see on the left-hand side of the image above.


Search Help – If you are having any trouble or issues with your search experience on Google. This is where you need to be.

Google Search Help
Google Search Help


Google will already have a few options for you already listed. If you don’t see the answer to your issue or concern. You can type in your problem in the search bar from the Google help center.

Most of the time when I used this search my answer or issues was solved. Google has a large database and they have solutions for almost everything on their site.

They just don’t offer help for search. They have a help center set up similar to the one above for all Google-owned applications.

Google Help - Different Google Applications
Google Help – Different Google Applications


If you are having issues or concerns for either of these applications. The help center is available for all.


Tools Tab – Get Fancy With Your Search On Google

The tools tab is a really cool feature on Google.

Let’s say you typed in the search “How To Buy On Amazon

If you go to the very end of the tabs and select the tools tab. You will then be shown options to make your search better for you.

What will happen once you click the tab is two options will appear above the first search result.

They will be titled

  • All Time
  • All Results

Each with a drop-down to let you get more specific with what you are wanting to see.

How to buy on amazon - Google Search - Tools Guide
How to buy on Amazon – Google Search – Tools Guide


If you click the anytime tab. A drop-down will appear allowing you to select the time period of results you want Google to display.

How to buy on amazon - Google Search - Anytime Tab
How to buy on Amazon – Google Search – Anytime Tab


By default, yours will automatically be set on anytime. You can change this by clicking the tools tab and selecting the time frame you want to be shown.

As you can see it can get very targeted. So if you are looking for the latest news on how to buy on Amazon. You would want to select show in the past hour and your results will adjust to what you selected. Same rules apply for all the others. The custom range allows you set a specific date range and it can go back really far. Making it very useful if you are looking for older content on the web.

Next is the all results tab. This is what your search will be set on automatically by Google. But you can change it and this is how you do it.

Click the tab just as you did for the other one. A drop-down will appear and look like this.

How to buy on amazon - Google Search - All results tab
How to buy on Amazon – Google Search – All results tab


You only get one other option other than all results and that is Verbatim Mode.

This mode will allow you to see your search results in all terms, match exact search, Use the same tense and so on. This will make your search very direct and will gather better information from the web.



There you have it. All you need to know about Google’s Search Engine. You can use this information right now. Google is on top of the search engine world. They have the largest index of information from all over the web. Making them a prime source for many people everday. Now that you’ve read this and know the ropes. You can confidently get on Google and use their search engine like a boss.

If you enjoyed this content feel free to share with your family or friends. Also if you have any questions, feedback or concerns related to this article. Feel free to leave your comment below. I will respond in a timely fashion.

Thank you for visiting my website and hope you come back for more soon.Have a nice day.







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