How To Play Fantasy Sports For Cash – Is It A Skill Or Gambling?

I’m back with another great how-to guide. Today’s topic will be “How To Play Fantasy Sports For Cash“.

I have some very useful information in regards to fantasy sports. I play a little here and there.


How To Play Fantasy Sports For CashBasketball

If you are currently a member of a fantasy platform. You may already have insight on what I’m about to say. But others may not so here it is.

Currently in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports better known as “DFS“.

There are two major platforms you can become members of.

Those two platforms are familiar names and if you watch sports you’ve seen multiple commercials of each.

There are others out there and are indeed fun to experiment and play on. But they aren’t as big or as adverse as FD and DK.

Each site has its pros and cons versus the other. Many people play both.

I’m about to give you a step by step guide showing you how you can earn some cash playing DFS as fast as today.

Follow it just as I give it to you and the income will roll in.


Step By Step Guide How To Earn Cash Playing DFS – Simple

  • You must first login or sign up – Chose whichever site you desire to be apart of or both. Sign up it’s absolutely free to do so. You can also play games for free if you feel that you need to warm up before you get out there with the experts.
  • Deposit your money – Both FD & DK have very secure sites. My friends and I have been playing each for years without any issues. Chose your deposit amount you can use PayPal or debit/credit card. I think its a $10 minimum on both sites. But I’ve heard of it being as low as $5 on DK.
  • Choose your contest/sport that you wish to play and for how much.


  • Sports will vary depending on the time of year and what platform you are playing on. DK has more sports for you to play on their site than FD does. But FD seems to be much cleaner and user-friendly to its users. They still offer the major sports like NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. They have more but these are the major ones in my eyes.
Head To Head
Head To Head
  • Choose what game type you wish to play – Head to Head and 50/50 contests seem to be the easier ones to win of them all. Leagues and tournaments have higher payouts. But you have to have if not the perfect lineup. It’s not impossible to do. But very hard indeed. For beginners, I recommend getting your feet wet with Head to Head and 50/50 game modes.
Rotogrinders logo
Rotogrinders logo
  • Now its time to choose your players – Research is key and will play a vital role in your winning percentage. I use sites like ESPN and Rotogrinders. There are a lot more and to be honest I would say use whatever works for you.
Keep an eye on your lineup:lineups
Keep an eye on your lineup/lineups
  • Finally just sit back and keep an eye on your line and make sure you don’t have an injured or late scratched players in your line. If all looks good to you then leave it as is until the contest starts and hope to cash.


These are the foundation blocks for your DFS mansion. It’s not as in-depth as it could’ve been. But its enough to get you started and rolling in the right direction.

Many of you may still be stuck on which site to join. Below I will help you out with some key points from each site followed with a few cons.

Hopefully, this will result in you choosing the site that best fits you as a DFS player.


Why Should You Play DFS On Fanduel – Pros & Cons

Why Should You Play DFS On Fanduel - Pros & Cons
Why Should You Play DFS On Fanduel – Pros & Cons


  • Clear Layout
  • Easier to find and join games
  • Safe & Secure with your financial and personal information
  • Plenty of competition
  • Quick to resolve any issues with anything related to their site and your account/lineup etc.
  • Lets you withdraw to any bank, debit, credit cards etc.



  • Sharks will target you easier on FD
  • Less Sports
  • Lower Cash Prizes
  • Cannot Create 50/50 contests only Leagues and Head to Head
  • No fan shop or place you can spend FPP points for merchandise


Why You Should Play DFS On Draftkings – Pros & Cons

Why You Should Play DFS On Draftkings - Pros & Cons
Why You Should Play DFS On Draftkings – Pros & Cons


  • More Sports
  • Larger Payouts
  • Gives you more freedom with your DFS experience
  • Requires a smaller minimum to deposit
  • Competitive
  • Has a V.I.P store you can use FPP points and get cool gear and more



  • Cluttered
  • Not As User-Friendly As FD
  • Your withdrawal will go back to the card you deposited with


Is Playing Fantasy Sports A Skill Or Gambling

Its both and let me explain how.

Is Playing Fantasy Sports A Skill Or Gambling
Is Playing Fantasy Sports A Skill Or Gambling

Let’s get the first and most obvious one out the way first. Yes, it is gambling. You are playing games for cash prizes. So yes it is gambling.

But it’s not like traditional gambling. It does, in fact, require skill. Not physical skill but a technique or routine is a must if you plan on playing for a while.

This could take many months or seasons to complete. But once you have it down and working like a well-oiled machine you will be fine in the DFS world.

Not everyone can do this making it a skill and only the detected will get to this point and be successful.


What To Take From This

What to take from this

Like I mentioned before I’m no expert nor do I play heavy like I use to. But I know a little something about the basics and I’ve won quite a bit during my short time adventuring in the world of DFS.

I still, however, have plenty of friends that are die-hard I mean they eat sleep and you know what else fantasy sports. One of them even has his own website dedicated to providing expert insight on DFS.

It’s much more in-depth and detailed than this post here. Feel free to go over there and check it out.

Tell him James sent you.



You can win fantasy sports and it’s not as hard as you may think. But like all things. It’s going to take some practice and trial and error. That’s nothing to be worried about and you will soon find yourself cashing out more than you ever thought you would.

That’s all I have for this one. Feel free to share and comment on this article I will respond as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading and please come back for more wonderful how-to guides.

Have a great day!

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