How To Create A Video For Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Rivaled by another social media powerhouse that goes by the name of Twitter. Co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg isn’t complaining at all. I mean you don’t have much to complain about when you are considered to be the fifth richest person in the world as of Sept 2017 according to Forbes.


How To Create A Video For Facebook

How To Create A Video On Facebook
How To Create A Video On Facebook

You will obviously need to be logged into your Facebook account. Once you are on Facebook and logged into your account. You now have the ability to interact with other users, Make posts etc. But you are here to create a video. So you need to follow these steps to ensure that you get that done the correct way.

When you are trying to create a video you need to follow steps that you wouldn’t do when you are trying to upload one. There is a difference between the two. So know which one you are trying to accomplish before following these steps.

You will want to be on a mobile device preferably a smartphone or tablet.

There will be a red recording camera first then a section that says photo and one that says check in. All of this will be shown in the box you type your posts in.

Simply click the one that says live and it will begin to record from the device you are currently using. If there is a camera available.


Facebook Video Options

Once you have reached this point you are ready to record. You can do a few things such as the following. These are in the order that they are laid out on FB

Facebook Video Options
Facebook Video Options
  • 1. – Change the face being shown. They have a lot of cool snap chat like filters you can use to alter the face of the person recording if that’s what you would like to do.


  • 2. – You can change the camera view. Most devices nowadays have two cameras on them. One in the front and one on the back. You have the ability to swap from each view if you want.


  • 3. – The button in the middle the bright red one is the record button. Once you like that your video will begin to record and it will be live for your Facebook friends to see as you record it.


  • 4. – The button beside that is the lighting button. You can make the area your are recording brighter or darker. This will depend on where and how you want the visual to look for your viewers.


  • 5. – The button on the end gives you the opportunity to do two more things. Those things are you being able to switch to live audio. This means there will be no video recording just audio or you speaking etc. The next and final one is a donation button. If you are doing something and deem it worthy of donations. You can add the button and your viewers will be able to donate to non-profit organizations. I don’t think there is a way you can get the money donated to you personally.



Now that you know how to get there and what you can do inside Facebook’s video platform. It’s time to create your video. Afte you have followed these steps and made your video. The video will remain on your timeline for some time until it gets pushed down by newer posts and things your share or tagged in. Unless your video goes viral then you can look for a lot of notifications coming your way very soon.

But that’s how you do it, folks. Feel free to comment and share.

Also in you are in need of a smartphone for videos here are some good ones on Amazon.

The brad I use is apple. I know them the best so ill advertise their products.

I’ve personally never had any issues with apple devices rather I purchased them in the store or on Amazon. They have all worked fine for me.

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