Month: August 2017

How To Use Goo Gone

There will come a time in your life where you will want/need some heavy duty cleaning material. No matter the reason the overall goal is to get something clean. Today I will speak on a popular cleaning product called Goo Gone.   How To Use Goo Gone First, you should know that Goo Gone specifically states

How To Eat A Jawbreaker

I recall watching this cartoon called ed, edd n eddy. It was on tv one morning while my nephew was over waiting o the bus he would watch it while he ate his breakfast. I would be in there to make sure he made it to the bus and all that. But anyway in the cartoon these

How To Twitter

No matter your age or location. You have heard of the word twitter before. Many people have a twitter account. When I say many people I mean over 320+ million and this number is increasing by the minute. Today you will learn how to twitter like the pros. Sit back relax and prepare to learn